Calling all Spiny Lobsters!

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Last September a company began leasing its E-Bait devices which emit sounds intended to lure spiny lobsters into fishermen’s traps in the Caribbean and Florida.

In order to manage the inventory of Lobster Callers the company has now outfitted them with Gen 2 tags.

The battery in the Lobster Caller needs to be replaced every 40 days; so in order to track who has their inventory and who is replacing batteries the Gen 2 tags are scanned by both the Lobster Fishermen and the battery replacement companies.

When the fishermen bring in the devices for battery replacement, they get replacement units immediately to minimize their downtime. Both the battery replacement company and the fishermen have two ID cards, one to check in the devices and one to check them out, making inventory control a breeze.

I’m just not sure why the E-Bait devices only lure Spiny Lobsters and not Canadian East Coast Lobsters. Perhaps the E-Bait devices can’t “Eh”.

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Interactive Fish!

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Singapore of all places is using RFID in a really cool way. They have implanted several species of fish in their “Underwater World” Using stationary readers near visitor viewing areas when the fish comes near the reader it’s tag is read and information about the fish pops up on a colour monitor showing the species name, characteristics and diet.

Now they have even named the fish so people can identify easier who they are!

Innovation is great.

They are also selling “Toy Pet Fish” that have an RFID tag imbedded and visitors adopt the “Fish” and name them. They can see their pet’s name pop up on a screen when they bring their pet fish near a reader


Umbrella Advertising using RFID

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Looks very promising for a couple of Philadelphia entrepreneurs. A start up Dutch Umbrella is using Motorola RFID tags to identify where their roving umbrellas are and where they have been in the city. Seems the company is using the umbrellas to advertise local stores and restaurants. When it’s raining, patrons just pick up an umbrella at the RainDrop in the store and continue on their way to other locations. When they get where they want to go they drop off the umbrella at another RainDrop.

Now that’s a great idea and should really take off. Kudos to the start-up for such an idea. Roving advertisements so that people all over the city see the umbrellas and wonder where they came from! That should build up some new business for the sponsors.