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Yes I did say FREE! At SkyRFID we decided to offer a free 6 lesson delivered right to your email address basic course in RFID.

Why are we offering a free course? Because! We are finding that many people really don’t understand RFID basics and how tags and readers work together.


The course covers RFID Physics so that you learn what a passive tag is and how it operates and how there are multiple frequencies and how each one is used for different things. Lots of stuff – what EIRP is, what dBi is, Gain? Losses? how to figure out if the system you want to put together may actually work. Read rate does matter!


I’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years and “tried” many different things that were “supposed to work” and didn’t so I finally went and “learned” and researched and learned until now I actually know how things work and what makes them work.


Hopefully the course is not too complicated and the community can learn for free.


All we ask is that you give us a valid name and e-mail address and don’t copy it all over the web! We worked hard to make this easy for people to understand what RFID is and how you can use it!


Take a look at SkyRFID.com the link is on the first page.

Remember it’s Free! Doesn’t cost you anything and you may learn something. Lessons start every Monday!


RFID Web Enabled Mobile Field Service

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SkyeWired logo

Announcing the wireless RFID solution for field service from SkyRFID.com

SkyeWired is a secure, easy to use business tool designed specifically for field service operations. Utilizing wireless technologies, SkyeWired is proven to increase accuracy and significantly improve productivity.

With its user-focused design SkyeWired makes running a field service company a breeze. Create work orders, schedule service calls, manage inventory, develop reports and perform payroll and invoicing with ease. As an automatic work order, messaging and invoicing system, SkyeWired guarantee’s immediate productivity gains in the field.

SkyeWired enhances service quality as field technicians are empowered with access to information available globally in real time, such as client histories and diagnostic diagrams.

SkyeWired also acts as an exceptional tracking device, enabling the measurement and tracking of all resources online in real time. As a result, management is given increased control, more accurate job costs and exceptional forecasting capabilities.

What does this mean for the average field service company?

· Unnecessary return visits are eliminated and the increased utilization of time and labour allows room for more service calls per day.

· Improved service quality develops the potential for life long satisfied customers.

· Management responsibility is reduced as informed decisions can be made quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, being wireless network independent, hand-held device independent, and language independent, SkyeWired is highly flexible to each client’s unique needs creating optimized solutions.

For more information feel free to visit our website at www.skyewired.com


SkyeWired fits easily into a number of vertical markets such as:

Commercial HVAC – Residential HVAC – Utilities Power Distribution – Utilities Power Generation

Oil and Gas Refineries, Pipelines and other Assets

Subways and Railroads

Electrical Contractors – Fire Alarm Systems – Security Systems

Commercial Lamping – Street Lighting – Stop Light Lighting

Audio and Video – Telephone and Network Installations

Mechanical Contractors – Elevator Installers

White Goods Repair – Commercial Freezers and Cooling Systems

Equipment Sales and Service – Pest Control

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

ATM Machine Repair and more!