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RFID technology has so many different facets, wave frequency, encoding/decoding schemes, IC chipsets, inlays, modulation schemes, ISO standards, substrate materials and more. All of which effect the outcome of an RFID implementation, but of which most people don’t have knowledge or understanding of. In short most people really don’t fully understand RFID and how it works and why sometimes it won’t work!

Since we started the 6 lesson 6 day course we have been inundated not only with people signing up for the FREE course, but also to ask us questions that they have been unable to find the answer to. A large number of these people are in businesses that are looking to use RFID and still have some concerns and need questions answered.

Since we can’t work for free as we would starve, we did the next best thing! We started an Ask The Expert page for anyone who needs an answer on anything to do with RFID for a cost of only $ 25.00 per question. This is super low compared to current consulting rates, but separates those who just want to ask questions for the sake of asking because it’s free, from those who really need an answer and are serious about their RFID question.

Feel free to use this Ask The Expert page if you need an expert answer in short time frame. We will make sure that what you ask is correct before we provide an answer so you don’t waste your money. It’s the least expensive and fastest method to get answers without engaging a consultant.

For a direct connection Press Here to ASK THE EXPERT


More Specials from SkyRFID – Global RFID Reader and Antenna Kit!

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This week we are introducing a Weekly Special of the best value that we can offer.

For this week only we are offering a GEN 2 Global 860 MHz. ~ 960 MHz. Reader with 2 High Gain Antennas and 2 – 30 foot heavy duty antenna cables for the unbelievable price of only Now only $ 1,450 US plus shipping. Shipping included anywhere in North America!!! NOW Only $1,500 US for worldwide until September 03, 2007!!!!!

Normally buying a 4 port Gen 2 reader for $ 1,500 is a bargain but SkyRFID is offering a reader plus 2 antenna and 2 cables for less than this – only $ 1,450 US for North America and $ 1,500 worldwide shipping included!!! – while quantities last!

Quantities are limited so take a look at our web site “Weekly Special” or click on this hyperlink –



Free Course Spam Filter Settings

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Thank you very much for the overwhelming favorable response to our Free RFID course offering.  While most of you are receiving your courses each day we are experiencing some rejects due to Spam filter settings on some of the registered addresses. 


We use graphic images, HTML and hyper links in our course presentation.  Some Spam filters need to be adjusted so that you can receive our Free RFID courses.  Please add to your white list if you use one and also change your spam filter settings so that you can receive our emails.  If you are not sure how to do this just ask your system administrator and they will be able to help you.


For those businesses who need more in depth technical training, we recommend our 3 day on site RFID Intensive Training course.  We will come to your site and train your people – up to a maximum of 10 for 3 intensive days.  RFID is very complesx but by the time you finish this course you should be able to specify, design, implement and test an RFID solution with very good results the first time!


If you just need a question answered and don’t know who to go to, simply go to our web site and select Ask The Expert.  For a small fee you can ask any question that you want to and get an expert answer quickly.