Retailers using RFID hang tags to improve item level garment tracking

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In Latin America as well as Europe, larger chain stores such as Falabella and Galeria Kaufhof are implementing EPC Gen 2 RFID tags for garment control.The tags are put on by the manufacturers and then used to receive the goods into the stores.


The stores are using the RFID tags not only to maintain optimal stock levels on the sales floor, and to locate requested items on the floor, but also to display product information on touch screens for materials, pricing, care instructions, colors and sizes.


In addition to the obvious ease of taking daily inventory and reducing shrinkage, the retailers hope to enhance their customer service, increase the transparency and availability of their goods and also assess the impact of positioning and presentation of goods on the sales floor.


More and more companies are moving into Gen 2 RFID applications since it has become so readily available and successes are becoming the norm rather than the exception. Last year at this time there were very few Gen 2 RFID tags available.


Today there are literally hundreds of different inlays which in turn are used to make many hundreds of different tags for almost any application that one can think RFID could be used for.


RFID Jewellery Tags

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Jewelery, watches and other small high value items can be a problem controlling in many stores. Often stores are forced to limit the number of people in the store at one time just to deter theft.

Instead of having to constantly look around to see if your jewelery and other high priced items are still on the shelves or how many people are in the store and where are they, use our new RFID jewelery tags. These tags not only add brand recognition to your already prestigious product line, it also visibly deters theft!

If just seeing the RFID tag is not enough to deter a thief, just let someone pick up one of your tagged items and watch the door lock automatically as the alarm goes off!


RFID Jewelery Tag

Never again will someone try to steal from your store! Everyone in the area will know you use a state of the art RFID Theft Deterrent System and only buying customers will be visiting you!

Since these RFID tags are a great deterrent you can spend more time selling and less time looking and watching – sales increase and loses simply don’t happen.

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