UHF Gen 2 Tag Direction – Coming and Going!

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Now if you have an Impinj ” Speedway” UHF reader and use their new firmware (incidentally which is called “Octane“) you can tell which direction the tag is going when it is read by the reader!

Apparently this is with any Gen 2 UHF tag – all you need is the “Speedway“and some Octane and you have direction information.

You can use virtually any antenna types and get results in less than a second. All you need is two antennas!

This is really good news for many organizations who use tags for asset control, supply chain management, strategic resource management, retail and more.

Virtually any RFID application can benefit from knowing if the tag is coming or going! While the current version of “Octane ” only supports up to 15 tags at one time, the algorithm used provides an error threshold of less than 1% as it doesn’t report the tag direction if the confidence factor falls below a certain value.

So now you can have a higher comfort level and less programming logic in RFID solutions that need to know if its coming in or going out as the system will do it automatically (provided you’ve enabled it and modify the software to accommodate). I’m adding this feature to all our programs – can be very useful!

Think about all the applications that can benefit from this technology!

Asset management – In and out of rooms, departments, buildings and more

Retail – Did it go out to the display shelf or back into the stock room

Access in or out? How long in, How long out? – Parking lots, buildings, departments, critical secured areas

Events – coming in for the occasion or leaving – total attendance and who’s left behind

Key Personnel – Out to lunch? Where in the building?

Simple key asset location control – where is it? which way was it going last?

Any hospital can use this technology to track key operating room equipment or any other type of expensive equipment with minimum readers and retrieve the needed equipment resource faster – life saving!

Key Equipment for manufacturing – in what area is it?

The usage of direction in an RFID application can reduce costs and save lives.

Cool technology from the high Octane Speedway!

Check out the Impinj site for more details http://www.Impinj.com or call us at SkyRFID – Toronto Canada +1 647-476-3265!