Deter or eliminate theft during distressed economic times

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Reduce your losses during this global financial and economic crisis with RFID!

As the economy goes slowly downwards theft quickly spirals upwards. When the economy is healthy the rate of internal theft is about 3 – 4 %.

During reduced and trying economic times theft increases as people who would not normally take goods that don’t belong to them- take them! – They need the money!

Computer hardware, office equipment, cameras, projection equipment, hospital equipment, and other small assets, all have value and can be expensive to replace when you consider the lost time, lost data, re-installing software, and just not being able to find it when you need it.

This type of theft can be deterred or eliminated using RFID technology. Equipping computer hardware, office equipment and other valuable assets is easily accomplished with the SkyRFID mount on metal or mount in metal UHF Gen 2 tags.

Gen 2 readers and antennas can be used to actively monitor entrances and exits and if a piece of equipment is exiting the room or building – the reader can activate an alarm system, notify a security officer, lock the door and take a picture of the thief and more.  Years ago this was not possible as the size of tags and the cost of the hardware was too expensive for most companies.

In today’s world many companies have employee badges – just to ensure that the people in the workplace belong there!Adding an RFID UHF Gen 2 tag to the employee badge is easily done or simply provide new RFID enabled badge to employees. If an employee has the right to take equipment out of the workplace then all that is needed is to tag the assets and matrix the assets to employees with authorization. Then when an employee leaves a room or a building with an asset the system knows the asset is moving with an authorized employee.

If the employee is not authorized to remove equipment, then the system can stop the employee – our technology of today provides for many easy to implement methods of stopping people from doing something – or just taking their picture.

Doors can be equipped with RFID antennas providing excellent coverage of the entrance or exit Another way to stop theft using RFID is simply to have the doors locked and armed with an alarm that sounds unless the employee uses his or her RFID badge to open the door – very simple and easy to implement – and also very cost effective.

For those areas that have many small assets than can easily be pilfered, it is relatively simple to install a UHF reader and antennas for total coverage. If an item disappears from the “Real Time Inventory” – you have theft and can be alerted – or have a camera activate and take pictures of the areas showing the thief in action.

There are many possibilities and SkyRFID has the RFID readers and RFID tags necessary to stop or substantially reduce theft for a reasonable price.

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