New Tamper Evident RFID UHF Tracking Solutions from the Sky

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Today’s supply and service chain has become very complex.  That complexity brings new challenges when shortages appear – even if the shortage is minimal but regularly occurring.

Inventory accuracy has moved from an abysmal 60 ~ 70 % accuracy in the 80’s and 90’s to nearly 100% today. This is due in part to new automated data collection technologies that inherently provide higher accuracy, but also due to the computerization of many of the transactions that has eliminated human error and minimized corporate exposure.

Unfortunately while this improvement has reduced or eliminated much of the problems that occurred from a system or human error perspective, the world economical situation today has increased the likelihood of deliberate and intentional theft that is very difficult to track and trace.

High value items are particularly at risk as with this global economy there is also the global “Greed Factor” and a “You won’t notice this is missing” attitude.  Goods carefully packaged at a manufacturer’s or distributor’s location end up at the end destination with unaccountable shortages.  In many cases the number of boxes on the pallet or skid is still the same and the entire shipment even weighs the same amount.  But when the boxes are unloaded and opened – sand and other materials appear in the carefully repackaged boxes with no trace of the original contents!  In North America alone this is a 10 billion dollar a year problem.

Even banks lose money every day through shipping money to multiple different locations such as ATM machines, stores and other banks.  Only a small amount of money is missing each day but it has been virtually impossible to determine if the money was taken or if it was a banking error.  I am sure that we have all been “victims” or “beneficiaries” of a banking mistake through a teller and also the ATM machines!

When you really start to analyze each shipment and see how many people have been involved, where the items were stored, who had access to them, and more; it appears virtually impossible to track and trace what really happened and when did the missing items actually become missing, who was the person or persons responsible for this loss?

High value, high volume shippers such as military, military suppliers, video and audio, jewellers, banks; virtually any entity shipping high value items – end up paying higher insurance premiums or charging more for their products due to theft.  Whether we like it or not the end consumer is paying more because of this type of theft whether it is called taxes or simply a price increase we are ultimately paying for theft losses.

Up until now it has been virtually impossible to track and trace every shipment accurately and ensure that the goods in the boxes or containers stayed in those boxes and containers for the entire shipping time and were not tampered with even just a small amount.

Today SkyRFID and its authorized value added resellers can provide a fully end to end Tamper Evident Tracking and Tracing Solution that ensures any and all high value items stay in their respective containers and boxes from the start of the shipment to the final end destination.  If the goods are tampered with, or even stolen, the SkyRFID Tamper Evident Tracking Solution will show you when this happened and where the last location was that the goods were fully and securely protected so you will know who was responsible for the loss.

The SkyRFID Tamper Evident Tracking Solution consists of special watertight, crushproof, corrosion proof RFID tagged containers, RFID Tamper Evident One Time Use Seals and Replaceable Inserts, SkyRFID portable hand held UHF readers, and SkyRFID software. The special containers are available in a wide variety of sizes from a very small “fit in your pocket” size to a “huge rolling on wheels” size.  All containers are watertight, crushproof, corrosion proof, with special double throw safety locking latches, and tamper evident seal mounts to safely secure your valuables. Heavier duty Military strength cases are also readily available.

If an item can be permanently tagged with one of the SkyRFID asset tags that is “right sized” for the item then this will add an additional level of security and traceability.  Most items can be tagged with SkyRFID asset tags for permanent automated identification.  Even currency can be RFID tagged if packaged properly and then a UHF Tamper Evident Seal attached to ensure no tampering.

Shippers first scan the RFID container tag and then scan RFID tagged items and place them into the container.  If an item is not RFID tagged then it is manually added via the data entry screen on the hand held RFID reader. Once all of the contents are placed in the container it is closed and then RFID Tamper Evident seals are attached to the edges of the lid and the main case of the container.  Then the seals are scanned to add the ID of each seal to the container ID and the contents of the container.  Once the Tamper Evident Seals have been affixed you can not remove them and reuse them – they will destruct and render the RFID ID unreadable; they are strictly a one time non reusable RFID seal.

Since the shipper or packer also logged onto the RFID hand held in order to use it we now have a complete picture and date and time stamp of the person packing the container and the contents of the container.  To make sure that we fully understand where this happened, the GPS co-ordinates are taken once the container is sealed.  Now we know exactly what is in the container and exactly where in the world it is!

The hand held reader information is then uploaded to the SkyRFID Master Tracking System for future reference and in-transit security verification.

When the shipment changes hands from one person to another person, each new person not only checks and initials the standard shipping documentation, but also reads each container ID and the Tamper Evident Seals.  They can also read and verify the RFID tags inside the container without actually opening the container for additional shipment verification.
If the RFID Tamper Evident Seals do not read or do not match the previously stored information, then the transfer would be stopped at this point as a violation has occurred while in the hands of the last person. If the items are all in good order as per the originating documentation then the last hand held reader entry is the GPS co-ordinates where the transfer takes place.  This ensures that at each stage of transferring the high value containers to another party the contents of the containers are intact and the exact location is documented.

SkyRFID Track and Trace, Tamper Evident Tracking Solution is for any and all high value goods such as Computers, Laptops, Jewellery, Gems, Weapons, High Value Military Devices such as Night Optics, Short and Long Wave Receivers, Currency, Stock and Bond Certificates and more.

For those special shipments where real time tracking is also required, SkyRFID supplies a very small fully programmable SMS, Internet GPRS software platform GPS Tracker with a motion detection sensor to provide GPS co-ordinates automatically.

Theft or misplacement of high value items can be deterred with SkyRFID Tamper Evident Tracking Solutions.

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