RFID Slow acceptance 2017 – Lack of Knowledge and Understanding

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It is now May 2017 and we are still seeing the majority of potential users with no real understanding of RFID  looking for solutions to help their companies.

While RFID has been around for more than 60 years, there is slow acceptance among the user community simply due to the lack of understanding of “RFID’S”. With businesses looking for ways to reduce labor costs and improve efficiencies and accuracy, existing staff are tasked with “learning” about “RFID’s” so they can be the Team Leader for the “RFID Implementation”.

SkyRFID does offer free basic training but that is not intended to make anyone an expert – Novice maybe – But NOT Expert. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. While I wrote a blog on this in July 2011 – NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  See blog July 26, 2011 directly below.

RFID is not 1 technology – it is multiple types of identification technologies rolled under the RFID roof – they all use Radio Frequency for Identification. They are not interchangeable between the technologies and in many cases some of the technologies used are really outdated for current needs.  125 kHz and 134.2 kHz enjoyed huge success for many years because that was all there was.  Now we have passive and active technologies in several bandwidths that can do so much more for asset management and tracking.  Better security, better results, longer read distances, read/write capabilities at higher data rates and more, but it is not something that you can just “Learn” or be “Taught” in a short time.

If you have a background in computer sciences and wireless technologies then you will be able to pick up the basics fairly quickly, and then you can get into the ISM band that you want to use for Implementation.  Not understanding IC, TID, EPC, FHSS, WiFi, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, Serial, and other common computer terminology – you will have a slower ramp up time. Most of the hardware documentation available is written by parties that already have considerable experience in the technology and the basics are simply not there – you need to be at Novice Level with some experience in using the technology before it becomes easy to even get an RFID reader (Interrogator) working! Not necessarily correctly – just able to read a tag!

People really do not have the time to “Learn” about RFID – it is simply too complex for most and once you have what you need, unless you are going to be an RFID Expert – you don’t really use the knowledge again. That means a slow long learning curve and then nothing. Unless you are prepared to really learn what you need for your application, you have a great chance of failure and frustration. Implementations are not for UN-initiated people to attempt as it will be a maybe OK – not a 100% correct and working installation.

Fortunately for some of the needed RFID solutions, SkyRFID has been working with Cloud Collected LLC of Delaware to provide Plug and Play Turnkey RFID Solutions. Stay tuned for more details on the new Total Solutions as a Service – (TSaaS) to solve the RFID solution problems.

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