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RFID Access Control for Offices, residences, nursing homes and more!

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In past few months SkyRFID has seen a dramatic rise in the requests for and implementations of access control systems for offices, residences, nursing homes, private homes, universities, and other facilities.

We are also finding that the reasoning for these systems is not just for access control but also for safety reasons.  Access control systems not only allow or prevent access to a facility, department, room, waste bin, washrooms, and other access controllable objects; they also provide real time information on who is in the building in case of emergencies such as fire or explosions.

Years ago these systems were expensive complex to install and difficult to maintain.  Today you can now implement a single door access system and then add to it whenever you want and not worry about interchanging access cards or door locks or access readers.

You can built an easy to use access control system with a few components and have a single access reader contain the tag information – with a built in battery back up – in case of power failure, and then you can add more access readers, more doors, remote building accesses, a PC to control all of the access rights and privileges and of course software.  All of these modern components are fairly inexpensive to purchase. DIY (Do it Yourself) software, ready to implement software and source codes for modifying software to your exact requirements are readily available from SkyRFID.

Now for access control you can use 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz RFID technology and have a variety of inexpensive tags that can be killed quickly from the system should you lose an access card or tag. You don’t have to rekey the locks or even issue keys for the access locks! Simply just make the lost key or tag inactive and that’s all there is to it!  And it is real time so the inactive tag can not be used anywhere.  If you do recover the tag you can easily make it active again.  This saves time and money plus you have an automatic audit trail of every access should you ever need it.

Since there is such a demand for these systems, SkyRFID has built several new web pages to educate potential buyers and also display some of the very wide variety of tags, readers, and other accessories that are readily available so you can have your own solution the way you want quickly and easily.

For a better understanding of potential access control solutions simply click on THIS link.

To add Time and Attendance to your Access solution – Click This Link

For a variety of Access Cards and Tags Click Here

And to see our wide variety of Keyfob, keychain, keyholder options click this link!

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