Automatic Vehicle Identification means Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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More and more these days vehicle manufacturers and dealers are looking to provide better customer service and assistance to vehicle owners.  One way that provides not only improved customer service but also enhanced security is active tag technology added to a vehicle when it is being manufactured.

433 MHz works very well for this application and SkyRFID can provide a turnkey solution that can be customized to individual manufacturing or dealer needs.

Manufacturers attach a Sky 433 tag to the vehicle during the manufacturing process and then monitor the vehicle progress though the final manufacturing stages.  If the vehicle is a special order or customized to a customer needs then they can track the vehicle through each of the customization processes to ensure all is correct and also that the vehicle is finished on time or earlier.  If a customer requires a vehicle quickly and that vehicle is already in production, the manufacturer can then move the vehicle though the processes quicker and have it out to the customer sooner than current day methods.

Manufacturers benefit because they know where each vehicle is in the process and they know that based on the current vehicle stage that it will be ready in X days – or they can locate the vehicle quickly during manufacturing, make configuration changes an out it goes – enhanced customer service.

Many times vehicles are made to stock configurations, but also many times the configuration options are for specific customers so they can track those options faster.

Once the vehicles are in the manufacturers yard it is easy to find the exact vehicle you need since it has it’s own unique ID tag that can be seen by the reader system up to 1000 or more yards away.  So now you just hone in on the tag ID that you want and there is the vehicle you need.  No more looking down row after row of the same model and color, just looking for a trim or inside compartment difference.  Quick, easy and excellent customer service.

Now the manufacturer also knows what is in the yard, how long is it there and do we need to promote that model to reduce the inventory?

Then as vehicles get loaded onto trailers and sent to dealerships, the dealers themselves can also use the tag for identifying what vehicles are in the lot for sale, what are coming in for service and oops – did a vehicle leave just now that should not be leaving!

While you can take the tag out when the vehicle leaves the manufacturing facility, leaving the tag in means that the dealer can use the tag to ID the vehicle for routine maintenance, recalls, warranty service, repairs and more – all without having to read the VIN # and all  automatic so no errors!

Oh and when the important customers come in you know just before they are on the lot and exactly where they are going so you can greet them as they arrive – knowing who they are, what the history of the vehicle is, even why they are coming in to the dealership!  Now that is customer service and no pain for the customer.

After 5 years you either leave the tag in as it will become inactive in 5 years – or you replace the tag and keep on tracking the history.

Cheaper than GPS, easier to manage, web based, graphical, service oriented, inexpensive, and best of all improved customer experience!

SkyRFID can provide the total solution through its global partner network, web based scalable architecture and proven 433 MHz technology.

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