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Secure Your Laptops with RFID

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How to increase computer security reduce or eliminate the chance of stolen hardware and data breaches by implementing RFID verified computer access  and internal metal mount RFID tags for asset security.

Computer theft and corporate data theft is rapidly increasing due to the large shift towards portable computing from desktop computing and the capability to access the corporate network from almost anywhere. Many corporations are issuing only portable laptop type computers and while their IT team diligently tries to keep the computers updated against security threats, the users often end up defeating the implemented security simply due to lack of knowledge or understanding.

Simplified passwords or accidentally leaving their portable unattended for only a few moments provides ample opportunity for thieves to steal their laptop.  Once a thief has the computer it is relatively easy to access the unit and search for anything that can provide revenue for them.   This can be simply email addresses, employee name and address lists, company employee information, technical information, credit card numbers or more. This information is then sold on the internet and the portable ends up being sold as well.    Sometimes the thief just sells the portable without even taking a look for this valuable data.

While RFID technology can’t prevent users from defeating some of the security deployed by the IT department, and from the unit being stolen by thieves; what RFID can do is prevent data breaches which are huge risks with lawsuit potentials. Deploying credit card sized RFID cards and using RFID security access readers is a very cost effective way to prevent data exposure by someone trying to access the computer without authorization. Unless you have the right card inserted in the Access Reader you simply can’t logon/access the computer so the data remains secure even if the computer is stolen.

Keeping corporate data private is far more valuable than losing the portable computer. With so many portables being breached by thieves many people are losing their identity each month and credit card fraud is on the rise. Losing health records, credit card information, and employee information is costly for both the employer and the individuals whose private information has been breached by nefarious thieves.

For asset management and additional security, add a small internal metal mount RFID tag in the computer and use RFID read zones at exit points to stop people from taking computers out without permission.

The small tags that SkyRFID now provides can be used in almost any small asset management situation.  Take a look at our new Metal Mount and Mount in Metal tag lines to see which tags will meet your requirements.

Protect your computers data from security breaches, easily and cost effectively by using RFID Access control solutions provided by SkyRFID the RFID Experts!

SkyRFID the RFID Experts

SkyRFID the RFID Experts


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