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The blog founders have been active in Automated Data Capture (ADC) since 1983.  Starting with Bar codes and batch hand held systems followed by Spread Spectrum wireless in the late 80’s and then into the world of Radio Frequency Identification in 1991. At first we worked directly with the manufacturers of RFID since there was no channel and it was an emerging technology. The costs of developing a system was high and the tag read rate was really not very good. We persevered for a few years working with different manufacturers, helping them debug their readers which were usually still in the breadboard stage and working with tags that we could take apart. During those times we also had to make our own antenna and tune them for the tag reading. While it was adventuresome it really didn’t pay the bills. Many of the companies that expressed interest in an RFID installation found they didn’t have the money to proceed due to the high cost. Only a few actually made it.

Now with the advent of the Gen 2 standards and most of the world having to at least start taking notice of RFID we are able to design, implement and support RFID technologies while ensuring excellent read rates and system stability.

We are looking forwards to having a lot of fun assisting newcomers and making sure that they get the right system the first time and not the second or third time!

We won’t knowingly advise or sell something that won’t perform to our customers requirements even it it means losing a sale because they insist on low quality hardware because of pricing issues.

If you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer them quickly and correctly.


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